Next.js + RSC

A collection of experiments with Next.js and React Server Components


A sensor board using CircuitPython and the Adafruit Feather Series

Sun Time

A simple sun tracking app and visualization for sunrise/sunset times 🌄

Dev Tools Monorepo

A collection of tools for developing web apps. Includes a component lib, helpers and more

Chord Progressions App

Explore and practice chord progressions on the web

Tree Museum

Artist website and blog for local band Tree Museum. Includes splash page, Instagram integration, show feed and contact form.

Pomodoro Timer

An animated pomodoro timer build with React, styled components and gsap

Soundscape Generator

Generate an audio backdrop for an image or video using image recognition and open source sounds. Hackathon project with Alex MacLean.


Artist page for electronic musician Cirroo. Showcase new album while providing links for contact and other releases.